Software Consulting

Website Design and Maintenance

CodePro Software provides services for designing and maintaining websites. Our recommendation, of course, is to let us design it and maintain it, to give you the quickest and easiest solution for getting a new site up for your business, or to redesign your existing site to be up-to-date and accessible from the widest variety of platforms (operating systems, browsers, mobile devices, etc.).

Website Design

At CodePro Software, we believe that simplicity and design are the key to a good website. With the number of users accessing websites from smart phones and a number of different browsers on a variety of operating systems, the best website is one that can be viewed easily on all of those platforms.

Support for different features of websites and page load time are key for a versatile website. The most notable examples are the iPhone's lack of Flash support, and mobile data connections in some areas being quite slow. To make a website as accessible as possible, our philosophy is to use standard website drafting techniques that have been supported for a very long time to make a visually pleasing site, that does not get in the way of what the user needs to see. By using a combination of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), standard HTML and images, a site can be well laid out, easy to navigate, and not forfeit an appealing visual style. And if done correctly, the content can be streamlined to load very fast in all common browsers, including mobile browsers.

Another big advantage of designing websites in this manner is that it is more easy to target specific devices or platforms. For instance, an iPhone will identify itself as an iPhone and has specific capabilities that you can use to optimize the display of your website on that device. So if you want to target specific devices, you can do so and adjust your layout and design specifically for that device. Usually, this can all be done without changing the actual content of your website. So that user can get the same content, just formatted to be more easily viewed on their device.

Every site that we create, we also optimize for search engines based on specific keywords supplied by the customer. The completed site is then submitted to the major search engines to ensure that your site has the most visibility on the net.

Every site we create and maintain is also monitored using the Google Analytics toolkit. This allows us to give you as much or as little feedback about the usage of your site as you are looking for. This toolkit gives detailed information about how many hits your site and specific pages get, how many hits are unique, returning visitors, new visitors, etc. and can even show how users flow through your site, and which pages are most popular. These are just some of the metrics the toolkit can provide that can help you determine what your users want to see more of, and what content may need to be updated or removed.

Website Maintenance

If you already have a website that you just want someone to update and handle the maintenance and hosting, we can do that too!

Maintenance generally entails minor content updates, including new events or update to existing page content. It also includes handling the registration of a domain, or renewal if you already have a domain registered, and handling the setup and maintenance of a hosting account, DNS setup, etc. Email forwarding or email accounts can also be setup.

For sites created by CodePro, that we also maintain, the Google Analytics data discussed above will also be available, which can provide helpful feedback for the effectiveness of your website.

Sample Websites

The following list contains websites designed and maintained by CodePro Software, LLC:

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